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Semester 1
This Semester serves as a foundation programme in business disciplines and aims to enhance students’ literacy skills and introduce the fundamentals of management and accounting required for business studies.

Semesters 2 and 3
These two Semesters set the scene for a career in business and concentrate on the understanding of basic concepts and techniques which underpin the development of the subject areas in the later Semesters.

Semester 4
This Semester continues the introduction to key knowledge and skill areas, reinforces students’ understanding of organisational, marketing and financial framework and forms the platform for further competence development.

Semester 5
This Semester covers broad perspectives of business and management issues, introduces students to problems and situations in the real workplace and focuses on conceptual framework of current principles, practices and techniques applicable to different business organisations.

Semester 6
This Semester focuses on strengthening the students’ capacity to collect, handle, report and manage information in the context of personal and organisational developments including the ability to conduct research and analysis and apply transferable skills such as investigative and analytical capability, reporting, writing and presentation, application of IT, effective interpersonal interaction and time and stress management etc. It also equips students with a good appreciation of the theoretical and practical framework of financial accounting and the principles of strategic information systems management which are directly relevant to all management environments.

Semester 7
This Semester draws on knowledge and skills across all earlier subject areas and helps students build technical competence in a managerial context, calling for creative and integrative application of knowledge, judgement and problem-solving techniques to a range of management and financial planning, control and decision-making scenarios and giving emphasis to critical thinking and formulation of reasoned business advice.



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